We pass on a green world

Our sustainable mission

Plants remind us every day of the importance of a green future. As a company, we feel responsible for a healthy living environment, now and later.

That is why we choose innovative packaging, use less and less plastic and try to make our transport as sustainable as possible. We also supply Fairtrade plants and work with growers who are aware of this.

Our strong roots from the grower community
are based on 3 sustainable pillars!


We prioritize developing our employees, building strong customer relationships and fostering a healthy and social work environment at our own and partner locations.


Our aim is to be FSI compliant by 2025, achieving 90% certified procurement. The ultimate goal is to be carbon footprint neutral by 2030.


Successful collaborations within the entire plant category with a sustainable business model for the entire distribution chain is the optimal result.


As part of our sustainability policy, we are fully compliant with the requirements of the certifications listed below.

Global Gap

Because of our administrative organisation, every action in the process is in line with the agreements made. As a result, our operations meet the high standard of environmental, quality, and social requirements.

Florimark GTP

Because all processes from procurement to delivery are recorded, Zyon offers the certainty and transparency that all our products actually come from the certified source.


Fairtrade ensures a more reliable income for growers by setting minimum prices and encouraging cooperative working and investment builds their future.


With Sedex, we easily map our company and suppliers to gain insight into sustainability performance and actionable risks.

Peat free

Status in Holland!

On 18 November 2022, the covenant “environmental impact of potting soil and substrates” was signed with the aim of phasing out the use of peat. A timeline outlines several milestones to achieve this.

What do we encounter with growers:

  • Pressure on growers to reduce peat form customers (mostly UK, Scandinavia and Switzerland)
  • Most bigger and prominent growers already are quite far on this issue (when the crop allows it)
  • Some products already are 100% peat free
  • Growers are testing with alternatives to replace peat (coco, compost)
  • Most smaller growers are wait and see what others are doing
  • In general, peat free seems easier for indoor then outdoor plants

Europlant tray

Proud member!

Since the beginning of March 2023, Zyon has joined the Euro Plant Tray initiative through its parent company, Floral Trade Group.

The aim of EPT is to work together on a standardised industrial solution for the design and processes around reusable plant trays. Here, reducing plastic waste is not the only goal, but new opportunities in process automation and supply chain efficiency are also exploited.